Eradicate Homelessness…Really? Part 1

Eradicate Homelessness…Really? Part 1

Faith That Moves is the catalyst to eradicate homelessness in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina.

A catalyst is a noun and is something or someone that causes activity, an event, or change. Eradicate is a verb meaning to destroy completely, put an end to.

Wait a minute, aren’t there already many service organizations providing assistance? What about the churches that serve homeless individuals, and aren’t there people who bring teach the Bible to those on the street and in shelters? Well, yes.

There are many people and organizations who care a great deal about their fellow man, who give of themselves to do great work for the benefit of others, people who make a difference to the individuals they serve and nobody should stop doing what they are doing because people need what they provide. Faith That Moves would be ignorant and an insult to everyone to think otherwise!

Addressing physical needs and not actually providing the spiritual solution does not provide lasting results; an individual here or a church there not actually engaged in the Great Commission does not provide lasting results.
The issue is that homelessness still persists and will continue to do so. Why is that? You mean there is no lasting solution?

Jesus came that we would have life and have life more abundantly (John 10:10). For sure a person does not have to be homeless to not have life abundantly, but we have witnessed individuals in bondage to issues that have them in homelessness, that while they may be living, that individual is not alive. So…

What difference is Faith That Moves going to make that anyone who has gone before us has not been able to accomplish? Fair enough. We are beginning with the end in mind, bringing to bear the only solution there is to this issue, and that is the presence of the LORD!

Jesus prayed for His disciples at that time and for us who believe now (John 17:20-23), that we be one, that through us the world would know God. The first century church in obedience to make disciples of Jesus Christ turned the world upside down; people were believing in Jesus for salvation, and those hostile to Jesus took notice (Acts 17:6; read the book of Acts for context of actions the first century church took).

Faith That Moves is connecting the need with the mission. Disciples of Jesus Christ are to make disciples who make disciples. Is that really happening? Not with those living on the street or in a shelter. That’s about to change!

What would happen if we embraced the truth that nothing is impossible for the God of the Bible?

To be continued…

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